Switzerland Visa Interview Questions and Tips in Nepal


Here are some common questions and suggested answers that can help you prepare:

What is the purpose of your trip to Switzerland?

Answer: “I plan to visit Switzerland for tourism purposes. I want to explore the beautiful Swiss landscapes, experience the local culture, and visit famous tourist destinations such as Zurich, Lucerne, and the Swiss Alps.”

How long do you intend to stay in Switzerland?

Answer: “I plan to stay in Switzerland for [……….. number of days/weeks] during my vacation.”

Have you made any travel arrangements, such as booking flights or accommodations?

Answer: “Yes, I have already booked my round-trip flight tickets and made hotel reservations for the duration of my stay in Switzerland.”

Do you have a detailed itinerary of your trip?

Answer: “Yes, I have a detailed itinerary that includes the places I plan to visit, the dates of my travel, and the activities I intend to engage in during my stay.”

What is your current occupation and how long have you been employed there?

Answer: “I am currently employed as [your occupation] at [company name] and I have been working there for [……… number of years].”

What is your monthly income and how do you plan to finance your trip?

Answer: “My monthly income is [mention your income]. I plan to finance my trip to Switzerland through my savings, which I have set aside specifically for this purpose.”

Have you traveled to other countries in the past?

Answer: “Yes, I have traveled to several other countries in the past for tourism, and I have always returned to my home country as scheduled.”

Do you have family or close relatives in Switzerland?

Answer: “No, I do not have any family or close relatives in Switzerland. My sole purpose for visiting is tourism, and I have strong ties to my home country that ensure my return.”

Are you married or do you have any dependents in your home country?

Answer: “Yes, I am [married/unmarried], but I do not have any dependents. My [spouse/other family members] will remain in our home country during my trip.”

What do you plan to do after your trip to Switzerland?

Answer: “After my trip to Switzerland, I plan to return to my home country and resume my job as [your occupation].”

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