Sponsor Visa || Business Visa || Medical Visa || Document Checklist for Schengen countries, UK, Canada, Australia & USA


The applicants are requested to read the basic requirements carefully and conform to the same while submitting the application.

Document Checklist for Sponsor Visa or Visiting Relatives And Friends Visa
  • Proof of identity of the inviting person (passport copy/ID Card copy)
  • Letter of invitation from the Schengen countries, UK, Canada, Australia & USA relative / friend Guarantee Letter from the Natural person stamped by public notary.
    Original should be deposited in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Schengen countries, UK, Canada, Australia & USA  or enclosed with the application.
  • Proof of family relationship, fi applicant si visiting relatives
  • Proof of accommodation: house ownership proof of the inviting person/ lease agreement (letter of approval of
  • Financials of the sponsor and the applicant (proof of salary, Bank statements for the last 3months)
Document Checklist for Business Visa
  • Invitation from the inviting company or organization;
  • Cover letter from the applicant’s employer;
    Both letters must confirm, as a minimum:
    a) The applicant’s identity;
    b) The purpose of the journey (meetings, conferences, training or business related events);
    c) The period and place of intended stay.
Document Checklist for Medical Visa
  • Certificate from a medical doctor or institution confirming the need for medical treatment in the Member State of destination.
  • Official document from the receiving medical institution confirming that the specific medical treatment can be performed, and the patient is accepted for treatment.
  • Proof of pre-payment of the treatment and any other correspondence between the sending medical doctor and the receiving medical institution.

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