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Who can submit my visa application?

You have to Present Self on Embassy of Brazil, Chundevi Marg, H-155, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Where to submit my Document & Visa application?

Embassy of Brazil
Chundevi Marg, H-155, Maharajgunj
Kathmandu 44600, Nepal, +977 (1) 4721-462/463

Need to Book an Appointment ?

Yes, You must book an appointment to submit your visa application to Brazil embassy

Online Appointment Link:

Visa Application Link:

Visa Validity.

Visitor Visas (VIVIS) are aimed at those Traveling to Brazil for maximum stays of up to 90 days, without the intention to establish residence, for the purposes of tourism and transit.

Visa Fee Payment Method:

Accepted Cash on Brazil Embassy  and Visa cost NPR 12,000

Processing Time

In most cases, you will be informed within 5-10 calendar days whether your application has been successful. It may Take Longer. In case the application needs to be submitted to State Department for Consultation, it may take as long as 45 to 60 Days.

Documents Required

1) Valid Passport:

(Passport should contain at least one blank page and should be valid for 6 months. Please provide the copies of visa in the old passports)

3) Photographs

(Two recent Photographs of size 35mm x 40mm (White Or Grey Background). Photograph should be taken without glasses, headgears and uniform )

4) Documentation providing the occupational status:

Income Document Checklist:

5) National ID:

Proof of family relations e.g. Birth certificate, Marriage certificate or Local Certificate of Relationship – Copy of Nepalese citizenship certificate (ID card/Rastriya Parichaya Patra)

6) Itinerary for the whole trip
7) Reservation of return flight tickets/Internal Bus/Train Ticket:

Airline reservation and proof of other means of travel within Brazil

8) Reservation of accommodation:

Hotel reservation / letter of tour organizer and / or other appropriate documentation indicating the envisaged travel plans within Brazil

9) Personal  Bank Statement :

Original bank statements of the last Six (6) months with minimum Ending  balance of above 500,000.

Do I need property valuation for a Tourist visa?

No, you don’t. But attaching a copy of the documents of your property along with your financial statement and the covering letter stating the approximate value of your propert-y/ies is a good move, especially if you are applying for the first time.

  • Lalpurja and it’s Translation ,  Property Valuation If Applicable)
  • Valuation Report
  • Proof of Fixed Deposit (If Applicable)
  • Proof of Share Investment (if Applicable)

 Do I Need Covering Letter?

Yes, The details like the length of the trip, the places to visit, and arrangements for your accommodation are very important details. Hence you need to ensure that you submit a covering letter which has all these details with your signature at the bottom. This letter should convince the embassy about your plans, purpose of your trip, and most importantly, your plans on returning to your home country once your trip is over.

Our Service Charges

NPR 10,000 ( Excluding Visa fee )


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