Nepalese Citizens Traveling on Tourist/Visit Visa required document for Immigration Clearance

Nepalese citizens Travelling on Tourist/Visit Visa should produce following evidences for Immigration clearance:
  • Valid passport and Visa clarifying the purpose of travel, (Passport should contain at least one blank page and should be valid for 6 months. Please provide the copies of visa in the old passports)
  • Visa Copy
  • Evidence of Income Sources Document:  For Salary Income: Copy of Employee ID Card,  For Business Income: PAN, Gharelu/Company Certificate, Tax Clearance Certificate, For Pension or Rental Income: copy of Pension Patta or LOC certificate.
  • Two-way air-ticket, ( You have to issue ticket either Round Fair or Multi City)
  • Confirmed  hotel booking . Alternately, in case you are staying with a relative/friend, please provide a copy of their ID reader’s print out.
  • Reservation of /Internal Vehicle  Bus/Train Ticket.
  • A letter exhibiting details of the sponsor ( individual or institution)
  •  Mimimum 500 dollars to max 2500 dollars ( cash/dollar stamping)
  • Self Declaration Letter.
Nepali Citizens Travelling For Institutional Purpose:
  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Two-way air ticket
  3. A document showing institutional association
  4. If you are travelling to visit your spouse (husband/wife) working in Gulf countries, you must produce recommendation letter issued by the concerned Nepalese Embassy verifying that you have been invited by your husband/wife.

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