Bahrain Visit Visa for Nepalese Citizen || eVisa Bahrain for Nepali || Online Tourist Visa Bahrain for Neplease Citizenship


What is eVISA?

eVISA is an online application platform that enable foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Bahrain at the comfort of their convenience.

Need to Book an Appointment ?

No need to Book Appointment you can submit Application via eVisa Portal of Bahrain

Eligible to Get Visa Online

You need a valid Residence Permit or Visit Visa for a GCC country?

Resident Permit or Visit Visa of : Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates &  Qatar

Description of Service:

The Visit Visa (GCC Visitor) – One Month Multiple Entry is only granted subject to the following terms and conditions.

Required Terms of Service:

• Applicant must be outside the Kingdom of Bahrain when applying for this visa.
• The visa is issued and paid online.

Validity conditions:

• If the visa expires before entry to the Kingdom of Bahrain, the applicant must apply again and another fee must be paid.

Entry conditions:

• Applicant must not take up any paid or unpaid employment during the visit to Kingdom of Bahrain.
• Passport must be valid for at least six months.

Stay conditions:

• Length of stay allowed is 2 weeks (per visit).
• The visa can be used for multiple entries and is valid for 1 month from the time of entry.

Extension conditions:

• If applicable extensions can be done at Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs office (NPRA) or online.


• Apply via the service channel.
• Pay the fees and receive your application number.

Required Documents:

• Copy of the applicant’s passport. (Family Page and any additional information page).
• Copy of valid confirmed return air ticket.
• Copy of hotel booking in Kingdom of Bahrain. Alternately, in case you are staying with a relative/friend, please provide a copy of their ID reader’s print out.
• Copy of a bank statement under the visitor’s name covering the last three months with an ending balance of not less than the equivalent of USD 1000.
• Copy of valid GCC visit visa.

Our Service Charges

NPR 15,000 ( Including Visa fee )

Contact on: 9802348957/9827351732


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