About Us

Yatra For Fun Pvt. Ltd. is a premier tour agency offering a vast range of travel options to travel enthusiasts in Nepal.Although offering inbound travel services, we focus primarily on tours outside the country. With our team of expert professionals, we strive to offer the very best experience to clients on their vacations. 

Having undertaken thousands of outbound trips from Nepal, we can safely claim to know every aspect of foreign travel. Besides individuals, we have also earned quite a reputation amongst our corporate client, looking for business-relatedtravel packages. To provide unparallelled efficiency, we integrate the popular global reservation systems – Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Abacus. You can find relevant information about your travel by leveraging these systems.

Yatra For Fun Pvt. Ltd. participates in the Tourism and Travel Trade Fairs hosted by various countries as a means to grow and improve. Similarly, supporting tourism-related activities organised by the airlines and different tourism organisations in Nepal allows us to stay up to date with the latest travel technologies.

Our brand is well-known for its unique approach to business. We blend responsibility and dynamic approach with the help of our reliable team, comprising both young and old staff members. Apart from our foray into outbound travel, our offerings also include inbound travel packages for tourists within Nepal, hotel reservations, charter flights, trekking, airline ticketing and much more.

Our Mission Statement

We are always listening to client feedback, whether good or bad. While we appreciate the positive reviews from our customers, we take the time to address any concerns or difficulties that travellers face. This is where we go beyond the norm to provide customised and personalised services to our clients so that they think of us whenever they want to travel to the unexplored destinations.

What to Look Forward to on Our Trips?

International travel can be quite hectic, especially for those who do not have prior experience overseas. If you choose to hire us, you and your family can sit back and relax. We book your tickets, hotel rooms and everything in between. 

Every year, we organise tours to places such as Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe, Singapore and Dubai. In 2023,our company has planned a domestic tour as well for those unfamiliar with the true essence and magnificence of Nepal.

Although most of our tours are with large groups, travellers can always opt for a more private, customised version of these itineraries.   

Keeping Our Promises

Striving to fulfil every promise we make, you can rest easy knowing your trip will be just as memorable as you hoped. Through sheer determination and hard work, our staff members navigate tight deadlines to deliver the services to you. Our directors and managers hold not just years, but decades of experience. This extensive knowledge and experience drive us to keep our promises to you without fail.

We believe that satisfied customers will always return to us for subsequent foreign and domestic trips.